Couldn’t the Church have changed the Bible for Political Motives?

“Could not the Church have changed the Bible for Political Motives?”

Critics allege that since the European Church was so connected with political power struggles and political vested interests, it may have adapted its teaching and scriptures based on these politically-motivated disputes.…

Is the Bible just mostly accurate?

“The Bible is mostly accurate, there were just a few verses added or removed which distorted the message.”

Since there is so much evidence for the Bible’s overall reliability, many skeptics allege that overall the Bible is reliable but a few verses were added or changed which contorted the message.…

Does the Qur’an mention the Bible?

“The Qur’ān never mentions the Bible, only the Tawrat, Zabur and Injīl”

Actually, the English word “Bible” is simply a translation of the Greek term biblia meaning “the books.” As the collection of Jewish and Christian scriptures came to be considered one unit, the term in Latin began to denote simply “The Book”.…

Four different Gospels?

“Why are their four different gospels?”

God does not want blind faith, uncritical, unthinking acceptance—he chooses to present his truth in a way that gives sufficient evidence to skeptics as well. Four separate eyewitness accounts make the evidence for Jesus’ miracles, message, death and resurrection four times as hard to deny.…

One Injil to Jesus, or Four to his Followers?

“The Qur’ān only mentions one Injīl given to Jesus himself, but the Injīl of today is written by his followers”

Neither Muhammad (pbuh) nor Jesus wrote down a scripture, though many people seem to hold that imaginary idea. Their scriptures were first written down by their companions after their death.…

The Opinion of the Early Commentators

The problem with critics like Zakir Naik is that they contradict the early commentators, who had a high view of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. The Muslim scholar Saeed Abdullah has documented this in his paper The Charge of Distortion of Jewish and Christian Scriptures.

Qur’an ‘preserves’ Previous Scriptures?

“The Qur’ān was sent down because of the corruption of the previous Scriptures.”

Fundamentalists like Zakir Naik have spread the un-Qur’ānic idea that the Qur’ān was revealed because the previous scriptures had been changed. This notion is nowhere to be found in the Qur’ān.…

Arabic is the Purest Language for Scripture?

“Arabic is the purest language for Scripture”

According to some, Scripture is God’s very Words, the exact copy of an eternal Book which pre-existed the world. This is the foundation for the use of Arabic Qur’ānic verses as magical amulets, mantras, since it is believed that these are God’s very utterances.…

God’s Word of Man’s Word?

“The Qur’ān is all God’s Word, but the Bible is a mixture of God’s Words, the prophets’ own words, and historian or narrator’s words.”

This objection is built on a totally false understanding of what ‘God’s Word’ (كلمةﷲ) is. …

Man-made Stories?

“Unlike the Qur’ān , the Bible and all other scriptures read like human-made stories— ‘in the beginning, etc'”

Actually, most religions’ scriptures don’t read like stories—they resemble esoteric utterances more than human stories.

We know that God is the Greatest Communicator.…