Sun standing still?

Joshua 10:12-13—”How can the sun possibly “stand still” without massive cosmic disruptions?”

It is interesting that some Muslim critics will attack this passage, for Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim confirms that Muhammad (pbuh) believed exactly the same story:

“The Messenger of Allah said: “One of the Prophets made a holy war.”…

Adultery Ordeal

Numbers 5:11-31—”Isn’t this bitter-water adultery ordeal pre-scientific?”

To modern and scientific people this test seems strange. However, to those who know the power of God and know that He is able to perform miracles there are no difficulties in this passage.…

Blood for disinfectant?

Leviticus 14:49-53—”Using blood for disinfectant is unscientific.”

One might as well ask for the scientific logic behind the following:

The Prophet said “If a house-fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.”

Female sperm?

Leviticus 12:1—”This passage falsely says that women produce sperm.”

Critics have alleged that the Hebrew phrase “conceived seed” when used of women as in this verse indicates semen production. The word in question is “תזריע” ( tazria‛ ), which literally means “to make seed.”…

4-legged insects?

Leviticus 11:21-23—”Insects like locusts have six legs, not four.”

This is a simple misunderstanding related to translation. First, the locusts listed all have four normal legs plus two very different large hind legs used for jumping—in ancient times these must not have been counted among the walking legs, and thus they are described as “four-legged.”…

Fowls with four feet?

Leviticus 11:20—”The King James Version Bible says ‘fowls with four feet’ are abominable—birds don’t have four feet!”

The Hebrew term ‛ôph (עוף) does mean ‘bird’ when it stands alone ; but when combined with שׁרץ (sherets) as one word it becomes שׁרץהעוף sherets’ha‛ôph which means ‘flying insect’ in Hebrew.…

Rabbits chew cud?

Leviticus 11:5,6—”Rabbits & hyraxes (rock badgers) don’t chew the cud.”

This is simply a translation-based misunderstanding. The Hebrew expression גּרה עלה (‛âlâh gerah) was a term for the leisurely re-chewing practiced by cows, sheep, rabbits and rock badgers. Rabbits and hyraxes do in fact practice this leisurely re-chewing of previously chewed food, but instead of bringing it up from the stomach they pass droppings which they re-eat and chew in order to get at the remaining partially digested food.…

Every Species in the Ark?

Genesis 6:15—”How could every species fit on Noah’s ark when there are millions of species?”

The critic should be reminded that the Qur’ān also teaches that every species was on board:

“take thou on board pairs of every species, male and female, and thy family- except those of whom the Word has already gone forth: and address Me not in favor of the wrong-doers: for they shall be drowned (in the Flood).”

Worldwide Flood?

Genesis 7—”Here the Bible tells us that the floodwaters covered all the earth, but science says that is impossible.”

The Bible’s critic often ignores that the best Qur’ānic scholars through history have argued that the Qur’ān teaches a universal flood. Ibn Abbas, Ibn Kathir, and al-Tabari all understood the Qur’ān to mean a universal flood.…

Adam lived 4000 BC?

Genesis 5—”Adding up the genealogies, Adam and Eve lived around 4,000BC, which is impossible.”

If you impose modern perceptions on the Torah genealogies, the ages add up to place Adam and Eve’s creation at around 4,000BC, and Noah at around 2100BC.…