Incredibly Long Lifespans

Genesis 5— “..these genealogies attribute to Abraham and to his 19 ancestors lives of unbelievable length, which reach 969 years for Methuselah…” (Bucaille)

Dr Bucaille, who criticizes the Torah in this way, claims to have learned Arabic in order to read the Qur’ān in the original language, yet he doesn’t seem to be aware that the Qur’ān also attributes such ages to early humans!…

Snakes eat dust?

Genesis 3:14—”Snakes don’t eat dust!”

Obviously snakes do not nourish themselves with dust, though they do smell by taking particles into their mouths on their tongues to “taste” the air. However, “eating the dust” or “licking the dust” (Hebrew: ועפר תאכל and לחכו עפר) are simply Hebrew idioms signifying humiliation and defeat:

“The desert tribes will bow before him and his enemies will lick the dust.”

All Plants Edible?

Genesis 2:16-17—”This teaches that all plants are edible”

When dietary laws declare only pork, omnivores, dead animals, blood and alcohol haram, it would only be people like Zakir Naik who lack the common sense to avoid poisonous plants and meats. When God allows Adam to eat from any tree in the garden, he is not giving a command to eat but the freedom to choose what to eat.…

Moonlight Direct Light?

Genesis 1:14-19—”This verse incorrectly says that the moon is a light, whereas it is actually only a reflection of the sun”

This argument is ridiculous, for one might as well criticize modern people for using the term “moonlight.” All the Scriptures use phenomenological terminology to describe creation—the Qur’ān also called the moon a “light” (71:15-16).…

Day created before the Sun?

Genesis 1— “How could ‘day’ and ‘night’ come on Day Two when the sun and moon don’t come until Day Four?”

Following the day/age interpretation, the perspective or ‘point-of-view’ established in verse one of Genesis chapter 1 is the surface of the water on earth.…

Vegetation before the Sun?

Genesis 1:11-13—”How can the vegetation come into existence without the sun?”

In Sahih Muslim1 and al-Tabari’s account of Qur’ānic creation sequence, we also find vegetation coming two days before the sun was created. The diagram above showing the sequence of the Torah creation period explains this—translucent light (which appeared on the first day) had been coming through the atmosphere from before this period, yet the sun or moon were not perceivable as yet.…

Six-day Creation?

Genesis 1—”Modern science proves that the earth is billions of years old – which contradicts the clear “six days” of Genesis’ creation account.”

There are two schools of thought which reconcile the Genesis account with an old earth. Neither are simply attempts to “reinterpret” Genesis to fit with modern science, for both have their roots with commentators who predate modern science’s discovery of an old earth.…

Isn’t the Bible Unscientific?

“Isn’t the Bible Unscientific?”

Some Muslims and Christians like to debate over which scripture fits better with modern science. We know that the God who created nature’s laws and order is the same God who revealed scripture, so there ought to be agreement between the two.…

Beyond Bucailleism: Science, Scriptures and Faith

The following essay analyses the various ways believers in Scripture have understood the relationship between science and Scripture.


Part I: Understanding “Bucailleism”
Muslim Opposition to Bucailleism
Problems with Bucailleism
The History of Bucailleism
“Scientific Miracles” in the Vedas & Other Literature
Examining Some Alleged Miracles
-Prophecy #1: Moonlight is Reflected Light
-Prophecy #2: The Stages of an Embryo
-Prophecy #3: Communication of Ants

Part II: Do Science and Scriptures Fit?