Staff or none?

<h2 class=”objection”>Matthew 10:9—”Did Jesus forbid or allow (Mark 6:8) his disciples to keep a staff on their journey?” </h2>
The disciples were told to waste time not <i>acquiring </i>(κτήσησθε) or purchasing a new staff for the journey, but they were permitted to bring a staff if they already had one. We must assume that Luke is meaning the same as Matthew in this sense of not acquiring extra accessories for the journey. Jesus is essentially saying, go as you are, and don’t purchase any accessories for the journey—God will provide for you. The Gospels show vividly that Jesus’ commands were not focused on rigid literalism but on understanding the heart of obedience. <p>

That such a minor detail is raised to question the validity of the Gospels is a testament to the desperate measures of its critics. The fact that Christian copyists through the centuries have not tried to change this passage is a testament to the authenticity of the original text that has not been deliberately corrupted or tampered with. <p>

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