Doesn’t Every Christian Group have a Different Bible?

“Doesn’t every Christian group have a different Bible?”

All the branches of Christianity—Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican, Pentecostal, etcetera—have exactly the same Tawrat (Torah), Zabur (Psalms), and Injīl (New Testament) . Even if you compare any Jewish Torah or Psalms with that of the Christians, it is identical (though arranged in a different order). So all the three texts which the Qur’ān recognizes as authoritative are identical throughout the Christian and Jewish world.

The only difference between Protestant and non-Protestants is whether they include the ‘apocrypha’ in the Prophetic Books (Kitab-ul-Anbiya ). This ‘apocrypha’ is a small set of books which even the Catholics regard as “secondary” to the Bible canon. A similar dispute can be seen within Islam, where some Shi’as claim that two other surahs belong in the Qur’ān which Sunnis have omitted. Such disputes do not alter the validity of accepted scripture.

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