• Faouzi Arzouni’s Testimony (8/5/2014)

    How did I become a follower of Isa Al Masih? My journey is essentially a journey from religion to redemption. I would characterize my journey in the faith in this process of becoming a follower of Isa Masih, as a journey from ritual, to reconciliation. And this is very important. Because I was raised in the precepts of the religion of Islam. I grew up, embracing Islam with all of my heart, as best as a child could in a Muslim home.

  • Nabeel Qureshi’s Testimony (8/5/2014)

    You see, when I was younger I used to read the Qur’an regularly, I used to believe everything about Muhammad that my parents had taught me, and I believed everything about Islam, and I used to say the salat regularly, and I used to attend the Masjid regularly, and then, I began to question, I began to wonder, whether or not the things I had been taught about Hazrat Isa were true or if maybe I had learned some things that,

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