Injil ‘sent down’?

“The Qur’ān describes the Injīl as something “sent down”; but the present-day Injīl was written by Jesus’ followers”

The Arabic term ‘sent down’ does not mean dropped from the sky or delivered by a prophet. It has a more general meaning of a gift from God. The same term “sent down” is used of the resource iron in 57:25: “We have sent down iron, with its mighty strength and diverse uses for mankind, so that God may recognize those who aid Him..”

One response to “Injil ‘sent down’?”

  1. Trevor Pery says:

    That still doesn’t make sense. The Bible isn’t some gift from God. It’s the life and deeds of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his disciples .The Korans meaning of sent down can’t mean one thing for itself and the Torah but something else for the Bible. Why don’t Muslim’s just admit that Muhammad didn’t understand how the Bible was compiled and got it wrong.

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