The Qur’an: Whom does God love?

The Qur’an: Whom does God love?

God’s blessing are available to all, his love is for those whom he has predestined for good works:

“… God loves the doers of justice” (60:8)

“… God loves those who are fair” (49:9)

“On those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, will (Allah) Most Gracious bestow love.

Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) In The Qur’ān

The Qur’ān is a large book in Arabic, a foreign language for most people in the world. For that reason, few people have an accurate understanding of all the different subjects covered in the Qur’ān. One of the most important subjects in it concerns the different prophets God has sent into the world at different times.…

The Sinless Prophet

One mistaken idea many people share about the different prophets God sent is that they were all sinless. This idea goes against both common reason and God’s Word. It goes against reason because the prophets were also descendants of Adam just as all other men and shared his sinful and self-centered nature.…

Injil ‘sent down’?

“The Qur’ān describes the Injīl as something “sent down”; but the present-day Injīl was written by Jesus’ followers”

The Arabic term ‘sent down’ does not mean dropped from the sky or delivered by a prophet. It has a more general meaning of a gift from God.…

Sura Maidah 5:46 – was or is guidance and light?

“In Sura Maidah 5:46 the Qur’ān says that ‘in the Injīl was guidance and light’ (past tense).”

This claim is based on a misunderstanding of the Arabic text. The phrase in Arabic is “الإِنجِيلَ فِيهِ هُدًى وَنُورٌ“; Al-Injīla fiyhi Hudayy wa nur, translated literally “…in it guidance and light…” There is no verb there, but it implies present tense (“is”).…

Is Jesus uniquely the Word of God?

“According to the Qur’ān Jesus is not uniquely the Word of God, since in Al-‘Imran 3:39 John the Baptist is also called a Word.”

Zakir Naik has made the allegation that Al-‘Imran 3:39 calls John the Baptist also the Word of God,1 so this title does not point to the unique role of Jesus.…

Is the Bible just mostly accurate?

“The Bible is mostly accurate, there were just a few verses added or removed which distorted the message.”

Since there is so much evidence for the Bible’s overall reliability, many skeptics allege that overall the Bible is reliable but a few verses were added or changed which contorted the message.…

Does the Qur’an mention the Bible?

“The Qur’ān never mentions the Bible, only the Tawrat, Zabur and Injīl”

Actually, the English word “Bible” is simply a translation of the Greek term biblia meaning “the books.” As the collection of Jewish and Christian scriptures came to be considered one unit, the term in Latin began to denote simply “The Book”.…

The Opinion of the Early Commentators

The problem with critics like Zakir Naik is that they contradict the early commentators, who had a high view of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. The Muslim scholar Saeed Abdullah has documented this in his paper The Charge of Distortion of Jewish and Christian Scriptures.

Qur’an ‘preserves’ Previous Scriptures?

“The Qur’ān was sent down because of the corruption of the previous Scriptures.”

Fundamentalists like Zakir Naik have spread the un-Qur’ānic idea that the Qur’ān was revealed because the previous scriptures had been changed. This notion is nowhere to be found in the Qur’ān.…