By Andrew or by heaven?

Matthew 16:17—”Did Simon Peter find out that Jesus was the Christ by a revelation from heaven or by Andrew (John 1:41)?”

The obvious interpretation is that Simon Peter maintained skepticism about Jesus being the Messiah even after Andrew suggested it to him; he didn’t believe Andrew.…

Three days or two days?

Matthew 12:40—(Question #1): “Jesus predicted that he would be in the grave 3 days 3 nights, but he was only in the grave two nights and one full day.”

The Gospels do not say that Jesus was crucified on a Friday; they only say he was crucified on “the day of Preparation” before a Sabbath.…

Matthew 11:2 – Did John recognize Messiah?

Matthew 11:2—”Had not John the Baptist already recognized Jesus as Messiah? (as in John 1:32-33)”

When John baptized Jesus, he saw clear confirmation that Jesus was the Messiah. But Jesus didn’t fulfill the typical Jewish view of the Messiah as being a political leader who would overthrow the Romans and bring political salvation to the Jews.…

Staff or none?

<h2 class=”objection”>Matthew 10:9—”Did Jesus forbid or allow (Mark 6:8) his disciples to keep a staff on their journey?” </h2>
The disciples were told to waste time not <i>acquiring </i>(κτήσησθε) or purchasing a new staff for the journey, but they were permitted to bring a staff if they already had one.…

Was Jairus’ daughter dead or almost dead?

Matthew 9:18—”Did Jairus tell Jesus that his daughter ‘had just died’ or that she was ‘at the point of death’ (Mark 5:23)?”

Both statements must have been uttered by Jairus; Matthew choose to include one, and Mark another. It may well be that as Jairus was telling Jesus that his daughter was at the point of death, he was informed by a messenger the news that she had died.…

Jordan or Galilee?

Matthew 4:18-22—”Did Jesus first meet Peter and Andrew by the Sea of Galilee or on the banks of the river Jordan (John 1:42-43)?”

Neither passage claims that this was the first time Jesus met Simon and Andrew, but we can deduce that John recounts their first meeting in John the Baptist’s area, and Matthew describes the second back at home in Bethsaida, Galilee.…

Did Yahya know Jesus before baptism?

Matthew 3:13-14—”Did John the Baptist know Jesus before His baptism or not (John 1:33)?”

Up until Jesus’ baptism, John only knew Jesus as a distant relative who was reared in a different town. He may have had some suspicions that Jesus was the Messiah, but when Holy Spirit came on Jesus in the form of a dove it was clear confirmation that made John believe that Jesus was definitely the promised Messiah of God.…

Jacob or Heli?

Matthew 1:16—”Was Jacob (Matthew 1:16) or Heli (Luke 3:23) the father of Joseph and husband of Mary?”

Matthew records the genealogy through Jesus’ legal father Joseph back to David’s son Solomon, whereas Luke records the genealogy through his biological mother Mary back to David’s son Nathan.…

Will the earth perish or not?

Psalm 102:26—”Here it says the earth will perish, but in Psalm 78:69 it says the opposite.”

The accusation is, that Psalm 102:26 and Hebrews 1:11 say that the heavens and the earth “will perish,” while the opposite is said in Ecclesiastes 1:4 (.”.the…

Ezra/Nehemiah list totals

Ezra 2:64—”Both Ezra 2:64 and Nehemiah 7:66 agree that the totals for the whole assembly was 42,360, yet when the totals are added, Ezra equals 29,818 and Nehemiah equals 31,089.”

[As stated above, Nehemiah is simply recording faithfully the numbers he found written on some genealogical register, not vouching for their accuracy ( .”.I