2 Samuel 13:27 – Michaiah or Maachah?

2 Samuel 13:27—”Was King Abijah’s mother’s name Michaiah, daughter of Uriel of Gibeah (2 Chronicles 13:2) or Maachah, daughter of Absalom (2 Chronicles 11:20 & 2 Samuel 13:27)?”

The family tree is given below:

In Hebrew, the word ‘daughter’ (בּת) is used for granddaughter as well (see for example 2 Samuel 1:24 and Genesis 46:15). So Abijah’s mother was both Uriel’s daughter and Absalom’s grand-daughter (בּת). The name Michaiah is simply a variant for Maachah, as Abishalom is a variant of Absalom, or Ahmad of Muhammad.

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