Dogs and Swine?

<h2 class=”objection”>Matthew 7:6—”How can the Injīl use obscenities like “dogs” and “swine” for unbelievers? Prophets would not use such terms for other humans.”</h2>
This passage is saying that true believers should not indefinitely continue proclaiming the gospel to those who adamantly reject it, so that they can move on and proclaim the gospel to others more receptive (see 10:14). This verse does not directly call anyone a dog or swine, it simply uses a metaphor from everyday life to illustrate how one would not waste valuable things on those who do not appreciate them. <p>

The Qur’ān itself also uses such metaphors to describe evildoers. We find in the Qur’ān evildoers referred to as dogs (7:175-177), beasts (8:22,25), donkeys (62:5) and even transformed into swine (5:60). These terms are used metaphorically to show how depraved and corrupt people without the grace of God. Without the guidance of God, man is totally corrupt, doing things that even animals would not do.<p>

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