Matthew 15:26 – Racism?

<h2 class=”objection”>Matthew 15:26—”Is this not blatant racism, calling a non-Jew a dog?” </h2>
Jews frequently insulted Gentiles by referring to them as pariah dogs, which in ancient Palestine were wild, homeless scavengers. But the form Jesus uses here (κυνάριον <i>, </i>”puppy”) suggests a more affectionate term for household animals. Jesus is not insulting the woman, but using a domestic analogy of divisions in a household to explain how his primary earthly ministry was to the people of Israel. We can see evidence for this in the fact that this woman did not seem at all bothered by the analogy but continued to seek Jesus’ aid. Jesus eventually paid her a great compliment, applauding her faith. <p>

The Qur’ān itself also uses such metaphors to describe evildoers. We find in the Qur’ān evildoers referred to as dogs (7:175-177), beasts (8:22,25) and donkeys (62:5). These terms are used metaphorically to show how depraved and corrupt people without the grace of God. Without the guidance of God, man is totally corrupt, doing things that even animals would not do.<p>

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