• Coastman

    were in a heap of trouble

  • Aubrey Gurley

    It is difficult to find people who have done their homework when searching the Holy Bible for the truth it contains. We seem to vastly underestimate the power and wisdom of Most High God, and are continually making attempts to bring the Godhead down to our level of thinking, when all we need to do is read the Scriptures for what they are telling us. Corruption leads to more corruption and the Holy Word of Yahweh becomes null and void, at least in its corrupted form. Yahweh God did not create this earth to destroy it or he would have destroyed it when Lucifer rebelled and the earth was turned into a chaotic state only to be renovated at the creation of Adam and Eve. The up and coming renovation of the earth will take place and all corruption will be put in its place in the Fires of Hell.

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