Arabic is the Purest Language for Scripture?

“Arabic is the purest language for Scripture”

According to some, Scripture is God’s very Words, the exact copy of an eternal Book which pre-existed the world. This is the foundation for the use of Arabic Qur’ānic verses as magical amulets, mantras, since it is believed that these are God’s very utterances.…

Greek Injil?

“The Greek Injīl cannot be Jesus’ original Injīl, because Jesus spoke Hebrew or Aramaic.”

Zakir Naik has claimed,

“Though Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) spoke Hebrew, the original manuscript that you have is in Greek.1

It is true that Jesus probably understood Hebrew, though his mother-tongue was not Hebrew but Galilean Aramaic.…

Hebrew Old Testament Unavailable?

“The present Hebrew Old Testament is translated from a Greek translation, while the original Hebrew is not available.”

Zakir Naik has outrageously claimed,

“The Old Testament, the original Hebrew is not available. Do you know that? The Hebrew translation of the Old Testament is from the Greek.