Is Jesus for the Jews only?

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Many critics of Jesus’ path like to point to two passages to indicate that Jesus was only sent for the Jews. This is rather like saying that Muhammad (pbuh) was sent only for the Arabs, because he never went outside of Arabia and the Qur’ān says in one place, “We have revealed to you an Arabic Qur’ān , that you may warn Mecca and those who dwell around it.”…

Did Jesus teach Salvation through Law?

Attempting to bypass the unique role of Jesus, critics have ignored other verses and focused on this one paragraph (and the rich young ruler account in Matthew 19:16-30) to argue that Jesus simply came to confirm the Law of Moses. This is the standard approach of critics—ignore ninety-nine passages which directly refute their ideas, and selectively present one or two misinterpreted passages which seem to confirm their ideas.…

Can Jesus be called ‘Lord’?

“Jesus cannot be called ‘Lord’ as the Injil does”

Since the Qur’ān teaches that there is no Lord (” Rabb “) but God, many would object to the Injīl giving Jesus the title “Lord.” This is based on a misunderstanding, for the Qur’ān itself allows the term “Lord” for Pharaoh in Sura 89:10—

“…And with Pharaoh, lord of stakes?”