Matthew 8:28-34 – Did Jesus steal pigs?

<h2 class=”objection”>Matthew 8:28-34 – &quot;Jesus stole a herd of pigs &amp; kills them, so he is a thief”</h2>
<p>Jesus clearly did not &quot;steal&quot; this herd of pigs, for he never even touched them; sending demons into something can hardly be considered &quot;stealing&quot;. </p>
<p>In reality, focusing on the lost pigs is exactly the sinful mindset that Jesus was trying to show with this incident. The worldly mindset is to greedily focus on possessions and ownership rights which ignoring suffering people like the demon-possessed man. Jesus challenges the villager’s wrong priorities with this dramatic event, saying in essense, &quot;this man being released from oppression and suffering is far more important than what you focus on, your possessions.&quot;</p>

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