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Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is a televangelist in India who operates a satellite TV station called “PeaceTV” out of Mumbai, India spreading Wahabi propaganda. Few of Naik’s audience around the world realize how scorned he is by educated Muslim scholars and non-Muslim scholars alike for his misinformation, misrepresentations, and unscriptural doctrines. Mufti of Deoband (India’s foremost Islamic centre of theological learning) have issued formal fatwas against Zakir Naik calling him “a preacher of Ghair Muqallidin” and saying “one should not rely on his speeches,”1 “he is not reliable and Muslims should avoid listening to him.”2

For a fuller detailed examination of Naik’s logic, views, and misinformation, we welcome you to read the article Is the Logic of Zakir Naik Reliable?

For an analysis of Naik’s misuse of Science, see our essay Beyond Bucailleism: Science, Scriptures and Faith.

For an overview of the problems with Naik’s view of Jesus, read this.

For answers to specific allegations Naik makes, a directory of Naik’s lectures is given below with links to answers for each of his allegations.

Directory of Answers to Zakir Naik

Answers to Non-Muslims’ Common Questions about Islam

2. Polygamy
3. Hijab
5. Was Islam Spread by the Sword?
12. Pork Forbidden
18. Why Follow Only Islam?

Concept of God in Major Religions

Concept of God in Christianity

Similarities between
Islam and Christianity

Ten Most Common Questions of Christians “Against Islam”

Point #9: Muslims Believe in the Taurah, Zabur, Injil and Qur’an
10. Scientific Comparison Between Qur’an and Bible
11. Adam (pbuh), the First Man on Earth, Lived 5,800 Years Ago
12. Noah (pbuh) and the Flood
7. Difference Between Mary and Miriam
8. Jesus (pbuh) Die Not Die
John the Baptist *(pbuh) is also called “A Word” of Allah

The Naik-Campbell Debate
on Science & the Qur’an

“moonlight is reflected light!” Amazing miracle?

Embryology in the Qur’an?

Was Jesus & Bible just for Israel?

Were the Tawrat and Injīl lost?

Were the Previous Scriptures changed?

Does the Qur’ān never mentions the Bible?

Is the Bible is partially God’s Words?

Point #1: Does Genesis teach Six Days & the Qur’an Six Periods?

Point #2: (Genesis) How can Day come before sun?

Point #3: (Genesis) Day & Night created before earth?

Point #4: (Genesis) How can the earth be created before the sun?

Point #5: (Genesis) vegetation before sunlight?

Point #6: (Genesis) Does the Bible say the moon has its own light?

Point #7: Will the earth perish or not?

Point #8: Does the Bible say that Heaven has pillars?

Point #9: Does the Bible say that the earth pillars?

Point #10: Does the Bible say that all plants are edible?

Point #11: Is Mark 16 really a ‘falsification test’?

Point #12: Longer uncleanness period for girls?

Point #13: Doesn’t Leviticus 14:49 proscribe blood for disinfectant?

Point #14: Tawrah “bitter water test” for adultery

Point #15: Ezra/Nehemiah lists Differences

Point #16: Ezra/Nehemiah totals: 29,818 or 31,089?

Point #17: 200 or 245 singing men? (Ezra/Nehemiah lists Differences)

Point #18: Did Jehoiachin reign 8 years or 18 years?

Point #19: Jehoiachin’s reign 3 months or 3 months and 10 days?

Point #20: Did Solomon’s golden sea hold 2,000 or 3,000 baths?

Point #21: When did Baasha die?

Point #22: No rainbows before Noah’s flood?

Were the Tawrat and Injīl lost?

Were the Previous Scriptures changed?

Is the Bible is partially God’s Words?

Does Baqara 2:79 say the Bible is changed?

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  2. Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom Deoband-India, Question: 171 (”171″)

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