Did Jesus Have Bad Character?

Common Objections to the Bible

Did Jesus have Bad Character?

rebutting http://godisimaginary.com/i39.htm

Does Jesus Lie?

Mark 11:24 – “Jesus says you’ll get whatever you pray for, but we know that doesn’t happen”

False stories?

Matthew 4:8 – Temptation view of all the world impossible?

Matthew 15:22-26 – Jesus calls woman ‘dog’

Did Jesus steal?

Mark 11:1-3 – “Jesus borrowed a donkey, but there is no mention of him returning it ever, so he stole it”

Matthew 8:28-34 – “Jesus stole a herd of pigs & kills them” 

Matthew 18:7-9 – “Amputation is a silly remedy for sin

Emotional Outbursts?

Mark 11:15-16 – overturning tables at the temple

Mark 11:12-14 – “Why did Jesus have an emotional outburst at the fig tree – couldn’t he just have made figs appear?”

Did Jesus Contradicts himself?

Luke 14:26 – “Jesus said ‘hate father and mother’, contradicting the Torah”

Contradictory requirements for salvation?

1. “Love God and love neighbor” (Luke 10:25-28)

2. “Sell all you have and follow me” (Luke 18:18-22)

3. Believe in Jesus (John 3:16)

4. ‘Born again’ (John 3:3-8)

5. “Eat Messiah’s flesh & drink his blood to get eternal life!?  (John  6:53-58)

6. Become like little children’ (Matthew 18:2-3)

7. “Righteousness must exceed the Pharisees” (Matthew 5:20)


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