Links and Additional Resources

There are many books and websites with far more detailed information and tafseer than this book. We would encourage readers to study more at these sources:


The Bible & The Qur’ān : A Question of Integrity by Dr. Masood (Authentic, 2001)

Steven Masood, who grew up an Ahmadi Muslim in Pakistan, compares the textual integrity of the Bible and the Qur’ān with extensive documentation.

Hard Sayings of the Bible by Dr. Walter C. Kaiser (Intervarsity, 1996)

This 800-page book contains detailed explanations of passages in the Bible which secularists find difficult to accept, but a renowned Bible scholar.

The Big Book of Bible Difficulties by Dr Norman Geisler (Baker, 2008)

This 600-page work is a similar encyclopedia of answers to difficult passages.

Websites The full text of this book as well as more information is available on A Christian-Muslim Dialogue, this website is a growing searchable encyclopedia of books and articles on the Qur’ān and the Bible from a variety of perspectives. This website is another online library of apologetics information defending the inerrancy of the Bible against the objections of the critics.

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