Isn’t the Bible Unscientific?

“Isn’t the Bible Unscientific?”

Some Muslims and Christians like to debate over which scripture fits better with modern science. We know that the God who created nature’s laws and order is the same God who revealed scripture, so there ought to be agreement between the two. However, both the Bible and the Qur’ān contain certain passages which can appear inconsistent. Ironically, the most scientifically problematic passages are found in both the Bible and Qur’ān :

Apparent Miracles in Bible & Qur’ān :

  1. Noah living to 950 years
  2. Jesus’ virgin birth
  3. Jesus raising the dead
  4. Jesus healing the blind

Sincere believers do not smugly deny these difficulties but instead seek rational explanations and consider with humility. If we are honest we must admit that these are confusing questions.

For a fuller answer to this question, see the article on this website Does Science fit with the Scriptures?”

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