Did Jesus Have Bad Character?

Common Objections to the Bible

Did Jesus have Bad Character?

rebutting http://godisimaginary.com/i39.htm

Does Jesus Lie?

Mark 11:24 – “Jesus says you’ll get whatever you pray for, but we know that doesn’t happen”

False stories?

Matthew 4:8 – Temptation view of all the world impossible?

How can a good almighty God allow suffering?

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Salvation in Qur’an & Hadith

Many Muslims wrongly focus on doing good deeds as the way we can earn our salvation, but there are strong indications in the Qur’an and hadith that salvation is primarily a matter of God’s mercy, not how many good deeds we can do:

 O believers, follow not the steps of Satan; for whosoever follows the steps of Satan, assuredly he bids to indecency and dishonour.

Did Jesus teach prayer?

“How is prayer practiced by followers of Jesus?”

True disciples of Jesus are people of prayer. Jesus did not leave his disciples with any namaaz prayer ritual, but he spent long periods of time alone with God in prayer. Jesus’ main teaching on prayer emphasizes praying from the heart:

How is prayer practiced in Christianity?

Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

With the Wahabi-sponsored “PeaceTV” television station, the views of Ahmed Deedat and Zakir Naik have recently spread forcefully across the Indian Subcontinent. Many of the programmes teach good things—encouraging modesty, fear of God, and reading scripture. However, the programmes are also spreading some false Qadiani and Wahabi ideas which don’t accurately represent what the Scriptures actually say.…

The Da Vinci Code and Actual History

book cover
The Da Vinci Code
and Actual History

Unfortunately, many people don’t seem to realize that The Da Vinci Code is a fictional story designed to entertain and sell books. It’s not history. Despite what the author seems to claim, it is full of many clear historical inaccuracies.…

Alleged Contradictions

“The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.” (Proverbs 18:17)

“…they contain some things that are hard to
understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction..”

The Meaning of the Basmallah

This beautiful phrase declares God’s primary attribute– His great Mercy or Grace. God’s Mercy has been expressed in his provision of salvation by his own righteousness for mankind.

The above phrase is commonly known as the bismillah because in the Arabic it reads bismillah-ir-rahman-ir-rahim.…

Beyond Bucailleism: Science, Scriptures and Faith

The following essay analyses the various ways believers in Scripture have understood the relationship between science and Scripture.


Part I: Understanding “Bucailleism”
Muslim Opposition to Bucailleism
Problems with Bucailleism
The History of Bucailleism
“Scientific Miracles” in the Vedas & Other Literature
Examining Some Alleged Miracles
-Prophecy #1: Moonlight is Reflected Light
-Prophecy #2: The Stages of an Embryo
-Prophecy #3: Communication of Ants

Part II: Do Science and Scriptures Fit?

The Abysmal Failure Theory of Jesus & the Injil

Recently some television preachers like Zakir Naik and the late Ahmed Deedat have been propagating the idea that the Injīl has been totally changed and that Jesus never died on the cross. In doing this, they contradict the Qur’ān, the Qur’ānic commentators, history, and reason, as this website demonstrates.…