The Sinless Prophet

One mistaken idea many people share about the different prophets God sent is that they were all sinless. This idea goes against both common reason and God’s Word. It goes against reason because the prophets were also descendants of Adam just as all other men and shared his sinful and self-centered nature.…

Prophets are thieves and robbers?

John 10:8—”How could Jesus teach that all the holy prophets before him were thieves and robbers?”

This is one of the more ridiculous attacks against scripture. It is exceedingly obvious to anyone familiar with the Injīl that Jesus has a very high view of the previous prophets (Mt 5:17; Mt 12:3; Lk 13:28; John 8:39,40).…

Abraham’s Lie

Genesis 20—”How can the Bible say that the Prophet Abraham lied about his wife and allowed her to be taken by another man?”

Interestingly, this story is found not only in the Bible but also in Sahih Bukhari:

Narrated by Abu Huraira: Abraham did not tell a lie except on three occasion.

Rainbow created at Flood?

Genesis 9:13—”It is scientifically wrong to say that God created the rainbow only after the flood.”

There is no indication in this passage that the rainbow was created at Noah’s time—it simply was referred to as a reminder-sign that no more huge floods would come.…

David’s Adultery

2 Samuel 11,12—”How can the Bible say that the Prophet David committed adultery against Uriah’s wife Bathsheba and then covered it up?”

Interestingly, part of this story is found in the Qur’an (38:21-24, 30), and the best Muslim interpreters tell us that David wrongfully taking Uriah’s wife is the correct interpretation of those Qur’anic verses.…

Are their Obscenities in the Bible?

Why are there twisted stories about the Prophets’ sins in the Bible?

Because of the way Islam has traditionally viewed prophets, Muslims normally have a really hard time with a few passages in the Bible that show major sins in prophets’ lives, such as with Abraham pretending his wife was his sister, Lot getting drunk and unknowingly sleeping with his daughters, or David committing adultery with Bathsheba and murdering her husband.…

Is Jesus uniquely the Word of God?

“According to the Qur’ān Jesus is not uniquely the Word of God, since in Al-‘Imran 3:39 John the Baptist is also called a Word.”

Zakir Naik has made the allegation that Al-‘Imran 3:39 calls John the Baptist also the Word of God,1 so this title does not point to the unique role of Jesus.…